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Proprietary Investments

To succeed in investing in real property, one must diligently evaluate the positive and negative variables involved in owning real estate. Landmark Real Estate Group excels in this process by providing and analyzing the vital information needed to make intelligent and profitable decisions. Through harnessing the power of today's advanced information systems and combining this with an in-depth knowledge of current market trends, we gain an advantage in formulating successful investment strategies.

Landmark has successfully assembled a number of partnerships which have placed investments in office buildings, distribution and warehousing centers, retail strips, and medical properties. This broad investment mandate allows the firm to source and execute unique and complex transactions including direct equity investments in real property, debt investments secured by real estate, and joint ventures with real-estate operating companies.

Landmark believes that rigorous due diligence, the use of conservative assumptions in projecting cash flows, and careful assessment of possible downside-risk scenarios are the best methods for consistently achieving its objectives.